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Quick Start Step 4: Grid - Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas are super flexible and a great tool for pre-planning. You know those lessons you feel a child will be ready for soon, but you don't know the exact date for which to plan it? Mark it as a Lesson Idea! This is a great way to lay out some goals for your students.

Go to <Grid> and click in one or multiple boxes for which you want to mark Lesson Ideas. You will see check marks appear in the lower left corner of each box as you select it. Then just click the Lesson Idea icon in the Action Bar at the top. The yellow light bulb icon will appear in the lower right corner of the boxes for which you just marked Lesson Ideas.
Now, by viewing the Grid, you can quickly see the Lesson Ideas you have for all your students in each category of the curriculum, and then later choose to plan or present each one when the time is right.