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Quick Start Step 3: Grid - Record a Lesson

The Grid makes record keeping a breeze! Just go to <Grid> and choose a category of the curriculum with which you'd like to work. You can record lessons for a single student or multiple students at the same time. 
To record a single lesson for an individual student, just click in the box where the lesson and student intersect. Then select the assessment level you'd like to record for that lesson. The symbol for that assessment level will be displayed in the box, and the box will become yellow to indicate that it is a lesson recorded during the current session. While yellow, the lesson can still be edited. Clicking the box again and choosing a different assessment level will overwrite the previous assessment. However, once you navigate away from that page, by either selecting a different curriculum category or going to another area of the application, your entries will be auto-saved as a single entry for that lesson. Once a lesson has been saved (box is no longer displayed as yellow), if you record the lesson again, it will be treated as a separate record keeping entry. Go ahead and record a few individual lessons now.
You can record as many lessons at a time as you'd like. Just click in multiple boxes, or click and drag your cursor to highlight a section of adjacent boxes, and a check mark will appear in the lower left corner of each box selected. Once you've chosen all the items you plan to record in that entry, just select a single assessment level from the action bar at the top. That assessment will be assigned to all the boxes that had a check mark. These lessons will be recorded, but are still be in edit mode as long as they appear yellow. So, you can go back in and select one or more boxes again if you decide you want to change the assessment for a particular student or lesson. Again, once you navigate away from this page, those lessons will be saved. But, you can always edit record keeping from the History Log [link to article here], the Student Card, or the Student Profile.


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