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Quick Start Step 2: Create a Student

Create a Student in Montessori Compass
To begin trying out the Classroom Dashboard features, you must first create a student and then assign the student to a classroom. You may continue to add more students for trial purposes directly into the system. Once you decide to subscribe to MC, depending on the number of students in your school, you may wish to import your student/parent data via spreadsheet


Click <More> and select <Student Profiles> from the options listed. Click the "Add Student" button to create a new student profile.


Enter information into the required fields, which are indicated by a red star.  This includes First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth. All other information is optional and can be added or edited later by clicking on the student's name under Student Profiles. However, before a student will appear in a class roster, you must give them a classroom assignment. Also, it is not required, but we recommend selecting a Cycle Year for each student at this time in order to enable the short cuts for Record Keeping.

When done, click the "Save Changes" button at bottom to create the new student profile.

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