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Creating New Users

MC is designed to be used by the entire school community. Each school account can have unlimited classrooms, students, and users. 

Users are people from your school community that will be logging in to interact with your school's MC account. They can be members of the school staff or Parent/Guardians. If you are just starting off, we advise creating user profiles for your staff members first. Parents/Guardians can be added at any point in the future on either an individual basis or in bulk via spreadsheet import. Learn more about Updating Student/Parent Data in Bulk via Spreadsheet.


Click <More> and select <Users>.  Then click the "New User" button.

Choose a role for your user by clicking the dropdown menu.  

  • Administrator-level users = school staff members that have access to everything.  This means an administrator user can add/edit/delete students, classrooms, users, curriculum, etc. The only action an Administrator cannot make is to create/edit other Administrator profiles.
  • Teacher-level users = school staff members that are assigned to a classroom and can only manage their respective classroom. Teachers can be assigned to more than one classroom.  Teachers can NOT edit student profile info, users, or curriculum. If you'd like a Teacher to have the ability to edit curriculum, you can check the box at the bottom of their profile page to make them a "Curriculum Editor."
  • Parent/Guardian-level users = only have access to data that the school chooses to share with them - specifically related to their enrolled child(ren) and designated classroom(s). A parent/guardian must first be assigned to a student in order to view information. Schools administrators retain full control over what parents see at all times. By default, all communication settings are turned OFF. So you may create new parent/guardian accounts and activate communication settings later. 
Learn more about Choosing a Role for User Profiles and what each profile type can/cannot do.
Enter the user's name and email address.  You may opt to edit the default password now or allow the user to change it later. Adding contact info is optional. Then click the "Create Profile" button at the bottom. 
*The email address will serve as the username to login to MC.  Therefore, the email address must be unique. If you have a staff member that is also a parent, it is necessary to create a separate MC profile with a different email address. We recommend using a school email for the staff member's profile and a personal email for the parent profile.